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Veteran Drug Rehab in Texas

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Published: June 21, 2023

Many veterans living in Texas are dealing with substance abuse, as well as other issues such as post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, and depression.

Reintegrating into civilian life can be difficult and may lead to alcohol and drug use, which can later prompt drug and alcohol addiction.

There are multiple options for veterans seeking assistance with substance abuse in Texas, including evidence-based inpatient and outpatient treatment programs.

The US Department of Veterans Affairs offers insurance for veterans, which can be used to pay for dual diagnosis and substance abuse treatment.

Specialized veteran rehab programs may be found at addiction treatment centers throughout the state, and resources are available through multiple organizations.

Drug And Alcohol Addiction In Veterans

Veterans are more vulnerable to substance abuse than some other demographics due to the risks associated with being in the military.

Some of the issues veterans face when coming home are pain, post-traumatic stress disorder, homelessness, and trouble reintegrating into civilian life.

These stressors can leave veterans open to substance abuse as a means of coping.

Rates on the prevalence of substance abuse in veterans:

  • One in ten veterans currently has a substance use disorder.
  • Opioid overdose rates in veterans rose from 14% in 2010 to 21% in 2016.
  • 65% of veterans entering treatment report alcohol as the substance they use the most.
  • In 2018, nearly 41,000 veterans were diagnosed with an addiction to opioids.
  • In 2019, 550,000 veterans admitted they had misused prescribed pain medication.
  • In 2019, marijuana was reported to be used by 12.8% of veterans.
  • Almost 27% of veterans have reported using illicit drugs.
  • Six percent of veterans reportedly have an addiction to cocaine.

Scope Of Veterans In Texas

Texas is currently home to 1,453,450 veterans, due to the fact that Texas is such a large state and it is home to 15 military bases. Unfortunately, around 6.5% of veterans in Texas live in poverty.

Around 1,948 veterans are homeless in Texas, and being homeless can be a major stressor that leads to substance abuse. In 2018, 3.7 million veterans in Texas were diagnosed with substance abuse issues and/or a mental health disorder.

As of 2018, 59,000 Texas veterans are reported to use heroin, and 235,000 veterans have reported using cocaine.

Veteran Risk Factors For Substance Abuse

Unfortunately, veterans experience many factors that can lead to them being more vulnerable to drug and alcohol addiction. Experiencing combat is a major contributing factor to substance abuse.

Being injured in the line of duty, and then being prescribed pain medication, is another risk that veterans face. As a result of these hardships, veterans may experience post-traumatic stress disorder, a mental health condition which is difficult to cope with on one’s own.

There is often a stigma regarding seeking mental help and treatment for active military and veterans alike. This stigma may be a barrier when a veteran or member of the military seeks to alleviate the symptoms they are experiencing.

Addiction Treatment Programs For Veterans In Texas

If you or a loved one are a veteran seeking addiction treatment in Texas, there are many options for drug and alcohol treatment that can include medical assistance and specialized therapy.

Medical detox is often the first step in recovering from an addiction to alcohol or drugs. Inpatient treatment is generally the first step, followed by an intensive outpatient program (IOP). This is typically followed by treatment at an outpatient clinic for continued aftercare and relapse prevention.

There are also specialized programs for veterans to address their unique needs. Rehab centers that offer veteran programs will usually provide trauma-informed care and specialized counseling for those who have experienced combat.

Other options include partial hospitalization programs for veterans transitioning from inpatient to outpatient treatment, sober living, and other housing options for veterans facing homelessness.

Mental Health & Dual Diagnosis Programs For Texas Vets

Often, the injuries that veterans deal with are not only physical, but mental as well. When proper treatment is not applied, drug and alcohol abuse can often be used to self-medicate.

Most rehab treatment centers offer dual diagnosis treatment to care for mental health issues that may exacerbate (aggravate or contribute to) alcohol and drug addiction. These are called co-occurring disorders.

Co-occurring disorders can include depression, anxiety, and trauma — common mental health issues faced by veterans. In order to help veterans recover from alcohol and drug abuse issues, most addiction treatment centers will also offer therapy and counseling.

Some of the therapies that may be used in addiction treatment include cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and dialectical behavior therapy (DBT). Group therapy and individual therapy are often used to help work through underlying problems and to offer support.

Where Can You Find Veterans Rehab Programs In Texas?

If you or a loved one are looking for a substance abuse recovery program in Texas, VA programs and hospitals offer care in most major cities, including Austin, Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio.

Other ways you can find substance abuse help for veterans include:

  • U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs: offers a website with a substance abuse treatment program locator.
  • SAMHSA: The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration offers a searchable database not only for substance abuse treatment programs and facilities, but also for mental health help and more.

Qualities To Look For In Texas Veterans Rehab Programs

Looking for a substance use disorder treatment facility can be tricky. When you are a veteran, or are looking on behalf of a veteran, there are special considerations to be aware of.

Here are a few features that every quality treatment facility will have:

  • Accreditation
  • Certifications
  • Favorable reviews
  • Low staff-to-client ratios
  • Evidence-based treatment options
  • Success rates
  • Specialized veterans programs
  • Insurance and payment options

Health Insurance Coverage For Texas Veterans Drug Rehab

The cost of treatment should never be a barrier for veterans who are seeking drug and alcohol treatment services.

Options such as VA health benefits, Tricare insurance, and private pay are available to help veterans in Texas pay for rehab programs.


Tricare is a healthcare insurance program for active duty military personnel, veterans, and their dependents. Tricare is similar to Medicaid and Medicare but is only available to the armed forces and their dependents.

VA Health Benefits

All veterans qualify for basic VA health benefits, and veterans will find that they qualify for extra benefits as well. VA benefits may cover the cost of inpatient and outpatient care, medication, check ups, and more.

Private Insurance Plans

While most rehab facilities who treat veterans will take Tricare and VA health benefits, unfortunately some do not. In the event that this happens, veterans may be able to use private insurance.

This is generally the case with private and luxury drug and alcohol rehab facilities.

Barriers To Addiction Recovery For Texas Veterans

Recovering from drug and alcohol addiction as a veteran can be difficult, and finding treatment can be complicated. While recovery should be available to all veterans in Texas, there can be barriers to gaining the help they need.

Barriers that can stand in the way of veterans finding recovery assistance can include:

  • The stigma of receiving substance abuse help and counseling
  • The lack of funding or lack of accessible VA resources
  • The length of the waitlist for treatment centers in your area
  • The lack of support from friends and family
  • The lack of adequate mental healthcare

Resources For Texas Veterans

Veterans who are seeking assistance can use the following organizations for help with: insurance, homelessness and housing, mental health assistance, employment, financial support, and more.

  • The Texas Veterans Commission was created to advocate for veterans. They provide resources for veterans and their families, including mental health services, education assistance, employment, financial support, and more.
  • Central Texas Aging, Disability and Veterans Resource Center helps veterans and their families navigate Medicare and Medicaid, housing resources, and counseling services.
  • Combined ARMS is a collaboration of more than 250+ government agencies and veteran services. They help veterans in Texas find mental health care, employment, financial assistance, and volunteer opportunities.

Find Texas Veterans Substance Abuse Treatment

If you or a loved one is a veteran seeking help with addiction treatment, you have options. Medical detoxification, short-term and long-term residential treatment, transitional housing, and other services are available for you.

When you are ready to make the change, our specialists are waiting to help you. Call our helpline today to get started.

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