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About Us

National Council on Seniors Drug & Alcohol Rehab


We are a non profit organization with a mission to educate and provide assistance to seniors struggling addiction as well as caregivers and family members with concerns. Our primary objective is to effectively halt the growing silent epidemic of senior addiction.

It’s our policy to not advertise nor promote any for profit rehab treatment providers on We will however attempt to answer every individual request for help with local, on the ground providers which may include government, non-profit and professional rehab assistance providers. In the coming months we will be launching a nationwide directory of local assistance and provide a tool for anonymous feedback on those programs.


We are funded by federal and private grants as well as individual donors in kind.

Board of Directors

We are currently in the process of nominating a new board and will update this page upon completion of the selection process.

Job Opportunities

We have a number of positions open for hire. Please apply by sending us a cover letter and we’ll be in touch requesting your CV and interview availability. Much of our work is now done remote though we do have an office in central Washington, DC.

Important: when submitting job applications please address it to the attention of Molly Natchek at the top of your contact form submission. We receive a lot of emails and this will ensure your interest in working for us is tended to quickly.