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About Us

Our Purpose: Connection & Resources is an informational resource hub for people who are seeking treatment for substance use disorder.

Our site connects families to credible information about healthcare, treatment costs, providers, and more.

Above all, we value: integrity, transparency in information, and stigma-free resources.

Accredited Healthcare Provider Network

Everyone deserves access to top-quality healthcare. That’s why we only offer information on healthcare providers whom we’ve vetted for quality through a careful selection process.

All healthcare providers listed in our network are accredited by third-party medical organizations, certified in healthcare standards, and positively reviewed by clients.

Breaking Stigma & Barriers to Recovery

One major barrier people face when entering addiction recovery is the stigma often still associated with having an alcohol or drug addiction.

This stigma may keep people from seeking the help they need, or bar them from reaching out when they’ve relapsed.

At, we view substance use disorder for what it is — a medical condition that, like any other, requires treatment.

By breaking the stigma, we aim to remove at least one of the barriers people with addiction must face to help bring them one step closer to seeking recovery.

Content Quality

The content we provide is of the highest quality, supported by research-backed information and current data, and curated especially for the addiction recovery community.

Learn more about the content we provide and our content selection process.

Meet the Team Behind Our Content

The RehabNet team is made up of individuals with a common interest — providing vital information to the people with addiction issues who need it most.

Together, we have 50 years of experience in writing about addiction and recovery-related topics, and we aim to continue serving the recovery community by delivering well-informed, highly researched, quality written content.

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