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Should I Travel For Rehab?

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Published: August 15, 2023

What Is Best for You

When choosing a rehab program, you need to find the right one for you. Research what type of program will be the best fit for you and your addiction. And, even though it may be convenient, sometimes the best fit isn’t necessarily located nearby.

If you are unsure where to start when deciding which rehab to go to, you can start by checking with your insurance company. They will have a list of facilities that will be covered under their benefits. Most insurance plans offer multiple treatment options that include in-state facilities. However, some they suggest may be out of state.

Pros of Traveling for Treatment

While it may be convenient to find a rehab in order to stay near your home, sometimes traveling to a new city or state may be the most effective option for recovery after rehab. The city or state that you live in may not offer the best rehab for your specific treatment needs, so being willing to travel will give you a much better selection on the center that is right for you and your addiction.

Traveling to a rehab facility may put you in the mindset that you are taking a trip towards recovery. This could give you a fresh start somewhere, and allow you to “start over”. Putting distance between you and your triggers can be a huge help when going through treatment. Having some physical space can greatly reduce the desire to use it again and keep you on track. Removing yourself from your normal routine will allow you to examine life more objectively without distractions. Being in a beautiful, natural setting of any residential rehab leads to a greater serenity of mind, which is very important in the recovery process.

Also, since admission to a rehab facility is usually voluntary, being far from home may deflect some temptation to just walk away and go home. By not having the option to simply jump in your car and drive away, choosing to stay at the facility will certainly increase your chances of completing the program effectively.

With so much work that goes into traveling for treatment, it may be tempting to settle for a rehab facility close to home. But depriving yourself of the treatment that you really need and deserve can harm your chances of making a full recovery from your addiction. Going to a facility that is not near home will create a greater camaraderie between you and the other residents. This helps you feel supported and gives you a positive attitude towards treatment.

Some people may be concerned about the social and professional impact of rehab. Many worry that if someone finds out they went to a treatment facility, they will be judged and looked at in a different way. Having the privacy of being at a facility far from home can certainly reduce the chance of being recognized while in treatment.

Pros for Staying Local for Treatment

While these are all good reasons to travel for rehab, there are certainly some good reasons to stay local for treatment:

  • It can be difficult for loved ones to visit a facility that is far from home. This would prevent them from having an active role in your recovery process.
  • It will be much easier for the local rehab staff to set up an aftercare plan for you since they are located near you.
  • Getting treatment in a local rehab facility will also guarantee a local support system for you. These are people who will be physically near you to help when you feel like using again.

Being at a local rehab facility gives people a sense of calmness. They know the area they are in instead of being in a place they know no one or nothing about. It allows you to get the support you need from your local friends and family. Those who receive visits from their loved ones in rehab do a lot better with treatment because they feel encouraged.

In addition, local rehab facilities are much cheaper than traveling out of state. You won’t have to pay airfare, gas, travel expenses, or any other costs associated with traveling.

Some patients attend local rehab facilities because they don’t want to leave their job or responsibilities behind. They don’t want to be out of their normal daily routine and prefer to still feel like they are in touch with their lives.

It is important to remember that not one rehab facility is right for everyone. They all differ in their strengths and specialize in different programs. In order to become clean and sober the right way, you need to choose the program that best fits your own needs, whatever or wherever that may be.

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